Do you dream of travel deep in the Amazon Jungle?

I February 2019 I am going back to the jungle to visit the indigenous tribe Yawanawa . There is a possibility for a few people to join me on this trip. This is a trip deep in the jungle of the Amazon rainforest, THIS IS NOT a trip for everyone. The conditions in the jungle can be ruff and the insects/bugs can be intense. All showers will be taking in the river and you will spend the night in a hammock.

And there is no internet or mobile connection that deep in the jungle.

So if you can live with that, this is maybe a life-changing opportunity for you. Do you look for adventure – are you in need off healing, it will be possible to receive old ancient healing doing the time in the jungle – or do you like to go back to the roots living of nature in nature with the indigenous tribe Yawanawa, being in old ancient ceremonies and get a feeling of the daily life deep in the jungle.

We are going to visit 2 Yawanawa village doing our time in the jungle. The travel there can be an adventure on is own. We will meet up in Rio Branco and go from there to Tarauaca by car where we will spend the night. Early in the morning the day after we are going deep in the jungle upstream by boat, to Sete Estrella the first village we will be visiting, this can be a long boat ride 6-10 hours depending on the conditions on the river. Here we will be living for five days with Edi Yawanawa and his family. Edi is the leader of the village Sete Estrella a strong warrior and good friend. The last five days we will be living in Mutum another village deeper in the forest. Mutum is home of Matsini Yawanawa, the spiritual leader whom we will be working with while in the forest, and his family. Matsini is the spiritual leader and leader of Mutum. To spend time and live with Matsini and the Yawanawas is an enormous blessing.

The Yawanawa

There are around 1200 Yawanawa, in 9 villages along the Gregorio River in the region Arce. Yawanawa means people of the wild boar. The Yawanawa was almost eradicated by the rubber tappers and later the missionaries, with under 100 Yawanawa left. This will be a very sacred time for us, listening to the music, learning from there old ancient wisdom celebrating with the indigenous in the middle of the Amazon rainforest



                                        February 2 meet in Rio Branco Brazil

                                        February 3 travel to Tarauaca

              February 4 travel by car to harbor from there by boat to Sete Estrelas

                                        February 4-9 Sete Estrelas Immersion

                                          February 10 – 14 Mutum immersion

                               February 15 boat to the harbor from there car to Rio Branco


                                                                 $1825 USD

    All money will go to the Yawanawa and cost of food transport and so on


This includes transportation from Rio Branco to the Jungle and from the jungle back to Rio Branco. Hotel in Rio Branco on the 2nd, hotel in Tarauaca the 3rd, and your stay in both Sete Estrelas and Mutum. Including all food and medicines for the 10 days, we are in the villages. Not included is your hotel in Rio Branco on the 15th, food while traveling and airfare. Simple food and clean water and a place to hang your hammock will be provided while in the forest.

To reserve your spot please send an email to Søren

                                                                    The Medicines


Kambo (the giant monkey tree frog, phyllomedusa bicolor) secrets, as a defense mechanism, intense medicine with very strong healing powers. The medicine will be administered directly from the frog and induces a powerful detoxifying effect. It boosts the immune system, enhances physical energy, and is used to cure many diseases. It is also well used by the hunters in the jungle.

                                                           Huni ( Ayahuasca )

Huni is the primary medicine used by the Yawanawa to connect you to what the Yawanawa call “the forces” – The spiritual dimension present that we typically do not have access to. We will be in serval ancient ceremony in Sete Estrelas and Mutum with the Yawanawa. This is a true blessing 


                                                              Rume (Rape)

Rume is another primary medicine of the Yawanawa. It is a tobacco medicine combined with the ashes of a tree bark with strong healing powers. It is administered through the nostrils.


Sananga is made from the bark of the root of a plant called Apocynaceae. The juice of the bark is administered through the eyes. It is known to heal both the physical and energetic eyes and is used to relieve headaches.

                                                               Plant baths

The plants baths are a detoxification process where we first steam with the plants and they are washed with the plants to help detoxify the body-mind of technologies, allowing us align with the vibration of the forest.

To reserve your spot please send an email to Søren