There are many ways to travel the world, most people tell me that the can afford it. Yes, I believe that if you want to be on 5 stars or just on hotel every day and go out eating and so on it can be expensive. I also see this more like a vacation. Traveling is many thinks, and it is what you make out of it, like in life. For many years I have been going around the world on a low budget, there are so many ways to do this. You just have to find out the way that fits you. I will share little of my experience and how I have traveled the world, without spending so much money. All it takes is that you are willing to let go of some other thinks – Take the opportunity and live your dream. Take the risk of letting go of what is not your dream. Face your fears, and the magic will appear.

I have been traveling most of the world on a low budget, to live one off my dreams. Traveling the world. This is just to show that we have excuses for not living our dreams. I have been hitchhiking most continent, it is one of my favorites ways to travel, I see so many places I would not have been seeing if it wasn´t for hitchhiking – Meeting so many people and go into other culture in a new open way. Something happens when people open there car door. In busses, train or whatever “normal” way we are traveling people have their headphones on or phone and most of the time there are in there own space. By hitchhike, people open up with the car door. Tell about the country, their culture and give you local tips about where to go. It is saving the environment there are so many cars out there anyways with one person in, It is so much fun Hitchhiking I will maybe tell more about that another time.

Then I have had my own tent with me – The excellent part of living in a tent is that I get new beautiful homes everywhere. I have been having my shelter ( home )in the mountains, beaches, by waterfalls and so one. One time in Costa Rica I hat my tent on the beach for around 2 weeks on the best spot. All the people that paid 200 $ for a hotel room with the same view came, and hat there swim where my tent was. There was baby turtle that tourists came from all over to see. All in my backyard for free. Yes, I hat to let go of some other things to do this, but just saying that it is possible to go around the world with a low budget, living the dream. It is all up to you.

I have also been doing volunteering work around the world. ( hitchhiking between places )
There are many platforms on the web. Workaway – helpx are the 2 I have been using. I work for food and accommodation, there is no money involved. It is fascinating to see what money do to people. When I work for someone for money, it usually is heavy, and mind can be negative. And the people that give the work can be not nice. But when I have been working as a volunteer it is with so much respect and gratitude for the help I am giving. And I am glad when I am volunteering new places in the world and learning about new things living life without money. I have always been going places where they are doing things I would like to learn. In that way life if free and I learn new things. What there have been interesting for me have been Permaculture – Natural building – Self-sufficient – community – Organic farming – and so on. I have been doing this all over the world, and I can really recommend this way of traveling. It is a way to come into there culture where I have travel – learning new thinks meeting new people and so on. I have been meeting many families doing this as well WITH KIDS. That is another excuse I hear for not living your dream, but I have kids. Sorry to say it so directly, so what bring them out in the word and give your kids experience for life, about life. The kids going to be a clone of what you show and teach them.

There are many ways to make little money on the road. First of all today we have the internet, and there is a full job marked there and endless off possible to work there. There are all so many seasons where the farmers need help. Pick fruit – harvester hay – and so one. It will also be possible to have work visas – find a place in the tourist area and so one. Use your imagination

There are so many ways to travel the world on a low budget, and it is possible to do it for free as well. This is just some of my experience. I think it is all about what are you willing to let go off. And sometimes it is a question of development. Like life in general, the first time you hitchhike, there will be some things to get over. The first time I was hitchhiking, was when I was 12 years old, my mom gave me money to the bus. I was going to market in another town around 30 km away. I was with one of my friends, and we look at each other, let, and we did. And that started my hitchhike up true the teens. I hat a brake on hitchhiking for many years, and when I was doing it the first time again after many years not doing it, there was something to overcome. The first time I put my tent in a public park I hat to defeat some things there and so one. All I try to say is that if you have a dream go for it and don’t let any excuse be in the way.