Throwback in time / The Kiwi way
Throwback in time, not that long ago, in this body and time (whatever time it is) in the country New Zealand
in a time where everybody hugged and kissed danced Happy around the cuddle puddle, enjoying each other’s cuties germs and juices
Some years before the big pandemic in 2018 where tuberculosis killed more than 1.5 million people around the world.
The mainstream media did not make a big thing out of it, there was so many other people dying.
from smoking, alcohol, the yearly flues, still wondering how the doctors in the 50s could come up with the idea, that it is healthy to smoke,
and all the people starving around the world no the mainstream media did not say anything
so it passed away without people noticing the air born virus tuberculosis and kept the cuddle puddle going
Throwback in time to a normal day in New Zealand going from one cuddle paddle to the next adventure in a strangers car.
Why take the bus or a cap when most people stop here at the hitchhike stop (see photo) to pick you up. Inviting you into their car (and many times to their homes) breathing in, the same beautiful air.
At that time there was many places in the country with hitchhike stops( hope there still is )in most towns and around
You don’t have to worry about time, you just sit down and minutes after there is a car, taking you as far or longer than you are going
The country is a paradise with small and bigger communities, on both islands many of the communities is really close to be self-sustainable, living off the land, on the land, with nature in harmony.
Two nationalities living together, in one country with two cultures, living with respect for each other
The kiwis (people from New Zealand) are super friendly and open hearted people and it is a must do to hang out with some kiwis if you are there
That was a time and place with much love and respect for nature, environment, the people
It is fully possible to live like this, many of us have seen it, lived it, are living it
Then yet around the world many people choose to live with another belief based on fear from the television (tell lie vision) and mainstream media
In this time in this present moment
where the hitchhiking all over the world
all the culture around the world
showing how to do things different
and all the adventures up till now
this present moment
So where we are born and what culture we grow up in, the experience we have till now, shaping us till who we are and what we believe, our belief system
So look around you, what are we believing what are we becoming! what are you becoming! what do you believe to be true! what do you want to become! what do you want to believe!
Is it really more dangerous to breathe today than a year ago?
I feel where I am in that, and hopefully you feel it to.
There is many questions
My thoughts and feelings create my reality
With love from my heart and A thumb up for the kiwi way
I sent you off with the words of
Booker T Washington
A lie doesn’t become thruth
Wrong doesn’t become right
And evil doesn’t become good
Just because it’s accepted by a majority
❤ 🙏 ❤