Open your heart and love yourself!
Why not have a mindset on, what is the best thing that can happen to me!
All answers and everything we seek is inside ourself. It is here all the time! Most people just don’t know how to tap in to it.
We have all these questions, worries, fears, anger, this uncomfortable feeling/energy inside, maybe it’s even unpleasant to be in our body, our thoughts getting very negative and destructive, it feels like we don’t have control of our own thoughts
When this happen we are not in contact with ourself and life can feel like a struggle. We don’t feel love and we feel like the world is against us.
That shows we are not connect with our heart and love. It’s quit normal in the western society and in the western culture nobody in society teach us to go deep inside ourself and feel our heart and our soul.
True daily practice, meditation , connecting with our heart we can change that. It all start with ourself, make the decision
that you want better in your life is the first step. Feeling our heart and knowing love is with us all the time and all answer is in the heart, if we dare to go in. It can feel scary to love ourself if we never practices it. In many culture it can have a negative sound to say I love myself.
Look at the world today, it is not love taking the head line in the news, in schools and society it’s more about fear and what can go wrong. So of course many people don’t feel love. So ask yourself am I loving myself everyday? Most of the time?
What energy do I take in from what I read, watch on tv, people, food and so on.
When you start to love yourself you will find love everywhere, your mindset will change, you will feel more happy, all of the sudden you get new idea and solutions, you start take better care of your body and life will bring new opportunity’s , other people will start to come in our life and the world around us start to change.
It is easy when you start practice it. Feel your heart , tell yourself that you love yourself. Understand that every breath is love, we breath love in from the universe and breath love out to the universe. If you don’t believe me try to stop breathing for 10 minutes. Every breath is love, the sources is love. Every time we don’t feel love it’s ourself forgetting we have it with us all the time. When you are connected with your heart and feel love there is not space for the uncomfortable feeling, anxiety, fear, worries, anger and so on.
Breath love – change the mindset to what is the best thing that can happen to me , feel the feeling of the best thing that can happen to me, and make love full actions. It’s with you all the time breath love in breath love out.
Everything starts with a thought , a feeling and a action.
If this resonates with you and you would like to know more about how to connect with love and open your heart living from your true power then feel free to contact me true PM or where we else are connected
WIth love from my heart