There are many names and many languages this is talking about. There is nothing new. Actually, the moon is old, the sun-earth trees and building and so on around us are old. Nove tempo/new times is our consciousness there is new or will be new. It is time for novo tempo, the world is bleeding there is so much war, people there suffer, pollution all over, plastic in our water all over the world. We are destroying our self and the planet right now. We eat and drink what is not good for us and so on. Most people know about all this, so there is no need to talk much about all the problems we have in the world and on the planet. Or about all the toxic food and drinking water we consume.

What there is interesting to talk and think about is what we can I do about it? Here is where the word and saying novo tempo new world is coming in. It is not a new world, we will stay on the same old earth. But it is our consciousness there will be new. When enough people getting a new consciousness think can change. It does make a big difference what you / I am doing and thinking. If everybody is taking responsibility, we would not have a problem. The native American from south to north has always been taking there dreams serious and look at them as messages from our higher self or the great spirit. Some of the native think / mean that we come to this world into other people dreams. There are 2 dreams, the one we have when we are at sleep and the one we have when we are awake. The dream we have when we are sleeping is unconscious, only a few people can control and change the dream when they are a sleep. The native thinks that while we are awake that is a dream as well, this is a consciousness dream that everybody can change. We create our own dream while we are awake. When we are born, we come into other people dreams. The world and belief system is already here when we are born. Our parents teach us thinks, the schools and society (and so on) teach us thinks or teach us there dream. If we take it in and believe in, there dreams it is our dream as well. But the facts are that we create our own dream and world. It can be hard to understand and take in. the First step is to believe it, and you will see that it is possible to create whatever you dream of. And dream BIG! It is maybe not possible to come all the way to our dreams, but we will always have the possibility to come really close, so by dreaming big you get close to your big dream, also by dreaming in a small scale, you will reach and get close to a small dream. SO DREAM BIG! And go out and live it.

One of the things I have learned spending time in the jungle of the Amazon rainforest is that everything is starting with a thought. All we have around us and everything there is invented began with a thought or a dream ( awake or asleep )
I learned that first I get a thought. Then I feel it in my self. Then I live it / doing it. Then I become it. And after that, I can teach it. All think we have in the world started with somebody hats a thought – He/she felt it – Lived it -become it – and teach it or create it.
What is your biggest dream? Dream it – feel it – live it – become it – teach it/create it.

We can not wait for other people or the government to save the world or the environment. One by one we need to change our consciousness and be the change our self. When there are enough people thinking the same and having the same consciousness the change will happen. When we stop having a conversation about ho have right and with god to believe, and just get along that we have a problem and we have our own individual god we deal with. Then we can start work together to live in a better and more harmonist world.

Ask your self what can I do?

One by one we need to let go of fear – reprogram our belief system – Take leadership off our life, be the change we want to see in the world, our world. It all ways start with our self and our own experience. Make the life and world we want to live and be in.