First of all, I maybe have to say that I am not crazy or anything like that, just let go of ego. A friend advised me not to put this up. It is just another way off see life and thinking. And If I make a fool out off my self, it is somehow positive, then it can only be better from there.

I have a dream of much more love in the world, I believe that with more love the world would look different and it would be a better place/world for everybody to be in. So how is it possible to get more love in the world?

I have been travelling all over the world looking for happiness and freedom and love. I have learned that it doesn’t matter where I go, the place to find these things is inside my self. For many years I was searching for everything outside, if I go there, I will be happy – If I just have this or that I will be free and if I am with this woman I will feel love and so on. What I have learned is that I can go to the moon and back and all over the world, it is the same place I will find what I am looking for. Inside my self, I have it with me all the time. So if I feel the world need more love, I need more love.

In all aspects of life, it starts with my self, I can not blame others, society or surrounding. It is always my perspective, if it is my work, parents – partner, how we treat mother nature, whatever, it will still be how my perspective is and how I act. What I do! Whatever there is in my life or in the world, I don’t like or would like to see change, it starts always with my self, I can change my little world/life. So if I dream off more love in the world, it begins like anything else. I LOVE MY SELF!

Be the change you want to see in the world! As the saying says

So I have been giving my self-lot of love lately. When I see my self in a mirror I tell my self I love my self. I breathe in the beautiful love there is in the air and everywhere. ( just the gratitude for being able to breath is love in my perspective ) I do small meditations where I feel all the love in my stomach when I breathe I feel how the energy off love is going up to my heart and around the heart and I breathe out love. The same when I breathe in I feel all the love I breathe in. It is simple but really good.

If this can make just one person love them self, for me that is a big success that means there is one more person giving love to him/her self, and there is more love in the world. So how is it possible to have more love in the world. I give love to my self and there is love in my little world. Hopefully, it can spread

So breath in that beautiful love with me – I LOVE MY SELF! I am so amazing
If you have the call for more love in the world please try it – love your self and love the world