Hitchhiking have been so amazing for me, it has been giving me some of my best travel experience. It is absolutely my favorite way of travel. I have never been having any bad experience as most people think and I have been taking every car that has been stopping for me. There has been some drunk driver, and terrible drivers, with have been the only dangerous for my hitching.

How to do it.

First, of all find out that you are on the right road
( today it is more comfortable with a smartphone, I have til 2 day been doing my hitching without, just got into that smartphone world) And that you are hitching in the right direction. Find a good spot where the cars can stop, and best off all a road that is a slower road, so the driver can see you from a distance, and have time to think off stopping. All this of course if possible sometimes you are in a place where there is nothing to do. I have been hitchhiking on the highway in Germany and other countries. Most of the time the ride then will be a police car, and I would have had to pay a fine. But one time in Germany the police came and took me with them, 230 kmph for 50 km without paying the fine, all depends on the policeman. So not recommended and it is all so really dangerous to stand on a highway.

For me to have a sign or not have not been making any difference. The sign is up to you and how you feel about it. And it is recommended to have time hitchhiking. When you are in a hurry you get desperate energy and the driver can somehow sense that. No one what a desperate person in their car. Smile and be happy and don’t loos your faith or trust if you have to wait for a long time. The right ride will come and remember that all the cars going by having sour faces is not your ride, you want to go with happy people. Sometimes it can be good to change spot, it is after all hitch and hike.
It can be challenging to hitch in and around a city, but it all depends of the country, and your luck.

I have always been trying to stay away from big highways if possible, and I have time. High ways all most look the same all over the world and you most of the time get off in a petrol station for your next ride. I like to see and explore the country I am in, so for me, it has been more exciting to go to the countryside. But of course, if you need to going fast, it is better to go on big high ways. It is also possible to hitch in the night time on big highways, you can talk with people on the petrol station.
I have never really had any luck hitching in the dark hours on the countryside. People are more alert at night time, and it is difficult for the driver to see you in the dark.

When I have been hitchhiking I usually would have my tent and some food and water with me. In that way, I have been entirely free and been able to camp some of the most amazing places in the world. When it is a local driver, the driver would have local knowledge and know places you probably not would find on the internet and in travel books. Or the driver will take me to there favorite spot. I

If you don’t have a tent – hammock or want to sleep on the ground, there will always be hostels – hotels – couch surfing – air bnb – all over the world and everywhere. So don’t worry where to sleep.

Here are some of the countries I have been hitching in and little of my experience in the country
I give ranking with Thumb 0 to 5 thumb on how my Hitch hike experience was. It has nothing to do with the country only how the hitching experience was.

Like the rest of the Balkan region, it is easy to hitchhike here. It is easy, and people are really friendly. Here is not so much English, so body langue is your friend. I got a ride with a guy that looks like one guy from a movie, I had seen. We talk, and he told that he was undercover police, and little about his world and I my. Owner of a restaurant invited me on food, rum, and good company. He was celebrating something. Lot off fun
4,5 Thumb

I went up and down the east coast in and out from the coastline. I found it really easy and people are friendly. I don’t know how it would be out in the outback and in other parts of the country. But I highly recommend hitching the east coast. The area around Lismore and Nimbin are really friendly and open minded.
4 Thumb

I found it easy to hitch here – I have been going true couple off times, and I had luck with some good ride. It is a beautiful country, and other times I have been taking the trip true the mountain for the experience and to see the beauty of the country.
4 Thumb

Bosnia Herzegovina:
Like the hole ex Yugoslavia, Bosnia is a hitchhiker friendly country. I spend serval days hitching, and did not have to wait long any time. Beautiful waterfall in Jajce where I spend some days at a lake just outside the town.
4,5 Thumb

I spend 5 weeks in Bulgaria, and the only way I traveled here was by hitching. Not much English and there is still a lot of horse carriage. Hat a ride in one of those. It is in there culture to hitch.
I really enjoyed hitching here with many beautiful places
4 Thumb

Costa Rica:
Maybe not the easiest country to hitch in and perhaps some part cut be little shady. When that is said I had a good experience here and hat some entertaining ride. Was going half of my travel on the thumb, for the 3 months I spend there
3,5 Thumb

Little more difficult than the rest of the Balkan region, but hey it is Balkan, and you can hitch anywhere and it is easy. Beautiful culture and country
4 Thumb

Have only been hitchhiking one time in Czech going from Austria up to Prague. For me there was much more waiting time than most off EU, people look little scared. But with some patience and a good mood, I would recommend it. Possible for sure
3 Thumbs

Country of my birth, I took my hitchhike cherry here in an age of 12 years old with a friend and true my teens I whet around Bornholm and other places in DK. At that time it was really easy maybe because of my age. It is perhaps not the best country in the world to hitch nowadays, but possible for sure with little patience. One time I got a ride from the German border with a Swedish van, It was 3 guys there have been in Germany shopping beer and boos. I was in the back with all this beer (from bottom to top) and 2 other hitchhikers a Swedish guy and a girl from Bulgaria. We cut drink all the beers we wanted. That was a fun ride, and it took me all the way to Helsingør where I was going.
3,5 Thumb

I have been true Germany many times, it is the way south if I have been in DK and it is the way back to DK. Sometimes I have been going true Germany on the highways and other time in the countryside, enjoying time and life in Germany. My experience is that it is easy all over Germany
4,5 Thumb

I have only been hitchhiking in the north coming down from Macedonia going to Turkey. It was just after the economic crisis and half of the cars were sold and off the road. And people did not have money to buy petrol. Then again it was really easy when there was a car. I enjoy Greece so much, and I was going really slow true, With detour around the fingers ( Thessaloniki)
Waking up with Dolphins! Greece I a beautiful country and I bet you will be able to hitchhike some boat as well. There is so many beautiful islands and places in Greece.
4 Thumb

Like rest off central and east Europe, it is east and in their culture. Here there was some area where it was difficult, and the people were little afraid, but It was only a little part that was like that. Els easy and friendly people
4 Thumb

It is maybe not the best country to hitch in, but I love Italy and have many Italian brothers and sisters. I hat to wait little and sometimes find new spots, but different do a boll. Here it can be so and so with English. I have only been hitchhiking in the north of Italy so don’t know how it is in the south. Joyful, friendly and fantastic food. Don’t wait just go
3.5 in the north.

Nothing is for free in Africa as there is a saying. Still, it was possible hitching here, BUT I will not recommend it. I did it for half of day, and I got a definite feeling that it would end up bad if I continued. But I hate some funny ride on the back on some big trucks and couple cars. So not much experience here.
1 Thumb

Here I was hitching in the mountain from Vietnam in the north of Laos. I was crossing the border where everybody and travel books were recommending not to go. It is in the middle of nowhere. The rides were mostly on the back of a truck with many other people. Some truck drivers and it usually ended up with, Kip Kip name off the money in Laos. So it was a more paid ride. Lots of fun and so beautiful
2 Thumb

Balkan what to say – Easy and no problem just go. I just went true, came in the evening and left again in the morning got ride straight away, and did not have to wait long. So just go
4 Thumb

Coming from Spain with the boat. Like any Muslim country, I have been in so much hospitality and helpfulness. It is in there culture to help strangers. In my experience really easy, I went from the north to Chefchaouen ( most do ) after that it took me to the coast and down, then into Fes to Ouarzazate and up again Marrakesh. Almost no English and I got invited to one family after the other. GO GO GO
4,5 Thumb

BALKAN What to say dream place for hitchhiker , so friendly and open people. I got a ride in an ambulance. So funny there was the driver and to nurses, all of them smoking sitting in the front, I was in the back with this ambulance stuff, needles, drop, stretcher, ashes from cigarettes everywhere. This is just an example of some of a ride, sometimes it 20 rides on a day.
All so got a ride with a Danish actor – He is born in Montenegro/Serbia and moved to DK. When he stopped I said – do you speak Danish? It was him, was not sure when he stopped. Hat a nice talk and ride true the canyon, it is the second biggest canyon after Grand Canyon.
5 Thumb

New Zealand :
Hitchhikers paradise maybe off them all, I would say it is a must do, that and hang out with a kiwi. 2 culture and one off the most friendly and loveful country I have been in the world. There are even benches for hitchhikers with a sign with a thumb, Just sit and do my thing and there is a car. I hitch up to the north top, and down and around the south island and back up north. 3 month and I think I took the bus one time from the airport to Auckland. ( I, by the way, put my tent with the homeless under Grafton bridge the first night. I will maybe write about that one other time )
5 Thumb and a star

Hitch from the Costa Rican border to Ometepe island and most of my travel on Ometepe. And I got a hitch with some people from the US, going back to Costa Rica 2 month later. I found it easy and lost off fun. Many smaller ride.
3,5 Thumb

I have not been doing most of my hitchhiking in the Sacred Valley, here I found it easy. And one time going to Brazil, there was a strike in Porto Maldonado where all roads were closed, with fiver and demonstration on the streets. I hat to find friendly people on a motorbike there cut take me from town to town. No one dares to take me all the way, so I had to walk in and try the small village and find another bike on the end of the village. It is a drive on 3 hours to the border. It took me 1,5 day to make it there with a lot of effort but still really fun. I was in a little time hurry, so that made it an extra challenge.
3,5 Thumb

Really easy to go true Poland, I have been there hitching one time. From Germany to Slovakia going true Poland. I hate good time and was going little around to see the country, so spend quite some days there and did all my travel hitching. Beautiful country and friendly people
4 thumb

Coming hitchhiking from Spain made Portugal a hitcher hiker Paradise. I have to say I only have been hitchhiking from the border in the middle of Spain and down to the south of Portugal. Here I spend weeks just hitchhiking – People are really friendly and it is easy. There is many campervans with surfers and other freedom searchers with vans. Most of them will pick you up, and the locals are happy to pick you up as well. I don’t have any experience north off Lisbon
4,5 Thumb

Most people I know and meet on the road all told me not to hitchhike in Romania. That of course only made it more exciting to hitch in Romania. I came in from Bulgaria at the black sea and hitch up true the country and mountains into Serbia. Spend over a week here and only transportation was hitchhiking. I just hat good experience and meet many lovely people and saw beautiful places. All most everybody told me that in there town Dracula was living. So think Dracula has been living all over Romania. I can only recommend hitchhiking here. So easy
4 Thumb

I love Serbia another hitch hikers paradise. There are not many places on earth where people are more friendly and helpful. Just walking down the road and I got invited on lunch – coffee – Rakier – a place to sleep – food in backs for the road – so much fun and what a culture WOW This is an excellent place to start hitching but don’t think it is like this all over the world. Have been hitching up and down from side to side.
5 Thumb with a star

I found it little different the north and the south. For me, it was much smoother in the south where I was going from Malaga to the boat to Morocco. I the north I was going from Barcelona to Portugal, it was MANY small rides and a lot of patience between the rides. When that is said, I really enjoyed the hitching in Spain, so beautiful and so many places to go. And all the people that stop was friendly and joyful
3,5 Thumb

I went true in a day coming from Poland. It was easy to get a ride and looking in the back mirror I would have like to spend some more time here. So don’t have much experience with hitching in Slovakia.
4 thumb

Balkan is amazing and the people is wonderful and so lovely . Have been hitching here from the south couple off times, and every time with a lot of fun and really easy to get a ride. The country is beautiful so I would recommend to spend little time here and not just go true.
4,5 Thumb

Sri Lanka:
I did not do so much hitching here, but in the mountain, I did sometimes. Mostly it was with tuk-tuk I got a ride with. One time we were 4 people hitching and a family was coming from the marked in a tuk-tuk with all there bananas and so on in the back. Mom dad and the little kid in the front and the 4 off us in the back with the big daughter and all the marked stuff. Not so much experience here so
3 Thumb

Have been hitching in the south of Sweden and it has been really easy every time. It is better to hitch when you are going out in nature, there is not much public transport out in the “wild” and people are friendly helpful and have been taking me to the places where I have been doing hikes in nature. In Sweden there is “allemansrätt” rights for every man, so you can camp and put your tent almost everywhere you want.
4 Thumb

So beautiful WOW and so expensive haha. Here as well quite easy to get a ride and people are friendly. I got my first ride with a cop car here, and I hat to pay for it as well. Was hitching on the big highway and the cops came. No, I know that it is illegal to hitch on the highway. Have been having a ride with cop cars in 3 countries now for hitching on the highway, I only hat to pay fine in Switzerland. I would advise you not to hitch on the highway even that I have hat fun experience with it, and sometimes I have just ended up on the highway and then there is nothing to do. Bring a lot of money or a tent, and you will love Switzerland
4 Thumb

Maybe hitch hikers paradise no one, everything is possible here. I cut hitch in the city’s on the highway some time there would be 2 car stopping and I hat to choose with car to take. ( one time I took the one where the driver was less drunk ) For weeks I never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a ride in Turkey. I have been hitching into Istanbul 2 times and both times I spend several days in the home of the people taking me to Istanbul. If you go to Turkey, I can only say HITCHHIKE! People are super friendly, it is so beautiful, and the food is so good, some of the best food I have had in the world. AMAZING
5 Thumb with a star

It is a big country so hard to say, but in the north of California, it has been easy for me to hitch. The distance is enormous for a Danish guy. I felt that there would be some arias, that would be bad to hitch in, and I felt little fear in some of the people. Some people look like I was an alien, so lot of funny moment. With some patience in some places, it is possible and quite easy to hitch here. Spend serval days hitching and it all off the time took me where I would like to go.
3,5 thumb

Here it has been mostly on a scooter I have been hitching, and most of the times it cost little money. White man = Pay. I have been hitching in the mountain going to Laos and little here and there. The bus and minibusses are stopping all the time when you are on the road, and you don’t even have to pay attention, the ticket guy will come to you if you are busy with other things. So travel is easy, hitching like we know difficult
2 Thumb