About Søren Blok

My name is Søren Blok born in Denmark!

I am an explorer – Life adventurer – fulltime globetrotter – hedonist – world citizen – dreamer – healer – energy worker – storyteller! We love titles and boxes today so here is some you can put me in. I have always been missing the box, I don´t fit in any of the boxes.

I have been having the “normal” life with a good job and a big car and all that, but it did´ent make me happy, and it was not my dream. For many years I have been doing Tai Chi and Qi-gong with the same master from China. He came to EU where I was chasing him all over and in that time had I been on smaller trip to China, to practice with him. Back in 2011 I just broke up with my girlfriend at that time and was in a what to do place. I got this energy I am moving to China, and I did. That means that I went in and out because of visa issues. I have always been traveling ( smaller and bigger trips ) and given my possession away several times to be free and have freedom. The in and out of China woke up the traveler in me again, and I have since then lived my life in a backpack. By taking chances and letting go of my fears I went out in the world, traveling 50 plus countries. Looking for freedom happiness and creating a new dream.

It has been taking me to all continents going true east Africa in Matatu ( local over field minibusses) Spent months deep in the jungle in the Amazon rainforest learning about life, living with a native tribe. Lived in the mountain In South America. For many years I was doing my traveling mainly by hitchhiking, living in a tent as my primary house ( home ) choosing to live my dream traveling the world. I have always been looking for places where the mainstream doesn’t go. When I was looking in Lonely Planet guidebook, I see where people were going and when the other way. It has been giving me many life experiences, learning about being in my self and my own thoughts, being by my self in the middle of nowhere. I have been learning so much about life, by seeing other cultures and living forms than the one I got teach in western school and society. It has been teaching me about the school of life and that my dreams are much bigger than fear.

By sharing some of my stories and my way of living my dreams, I pray and hope for one of you guys out there will let go of fear and start living your dreams. Celebrate the magic of life and live your dream as good as you can. The only thing that stops us from reaching our dream, is our mind.

Søren Blok